Mignon, Marti, Amano, and Amella to receive THE CHOCOLATIERS AWARD




Mignon Chocolate

Marti Chocolatt

Amano Chocolate

Amella Caramels

The International Chocolate Salon will present Mignon Chocolate, Marti Chocolatt, Amano Artisan Chocolate, and Amella Caramels with THE CHOCOLATIERS AWARD on October 1st at the Los Angeles Chocolate Salon.


THE CHOCOLATIERS AWARD recipients are selected based on either having received numerous chocolate salon awards over the years, or having made a significant impact in the world of taste and chocolate, particularly in the Los Angeles area.

Mignon Chocolate, Marti Chocolatt, and Amella Caramels are based in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. Amano Artisan Chocolate is based in Utah.